Models, tools and services to reduce IT carbon footprint

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GreenFrame measures an entire IT stack from end to end: Front-end, Network, Back-end, Databases.

GreenFrame executes a typical user scenario on a desktop browser, just like a real user.

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Our model helps get accurate, reproducible data about the most carbon-intensive parts of your code.

Linked to a Continuous Integration, GreenFrame warns developers about increases in carbon emissions linked to a code change

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By running on each code change, GreenFrame allows to validate code changes designed to reduce the carbon impact

Improving your impact allows you to create faster apps. You kill two birds with one stone!



Analyze public pages for free


  • Analyze public website
  • Simple visit scenario
  • Report is public
  • Simple analysis report
  • Include client & network impact



Private beta


  • Analyze public & private websites
  • Custom test scenario
  • Report is private
  • Detailed analysis report
  • Include client, network & server impact
  • CI Integration
  • Customer support
  • Scenario recorder
  • Dedicated worker
  • Analysis history

Discover how GreenFrame Enterprise works

Professional services

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We have built a strong expertise of the carbon impact of ICT. We use this expertise every day to build low-carbon web and mobile apps at marmelab. We've used the same expertise to build GreenFrame.

Do you need to analyze your IT solutions from a carbon emission standpoint?

Do you need to change your design, development and hosting practices to tend to carbon neutrality?

Do you need to design and build a low-carbon web or mobile app?

Let's work together!

Digital sustainability awareness workshop

for IT professionals

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How to change digital practices
to become more sober?

  • How are digital technologies responsible of global warming?
  • Which uses does this footprint correspond to?
  • How can IT professionals change the trend?
  • What tools and practices can be put in place today to produce more sober applications?

Duration: Half a day

Group size: Up to 30 people

Languages: English, French