Measure and reduce
your website's CO2 emissions

GreenFrame helps developers build low-carbon, energy-efficient web applications and reduce their environmental footprint, using a state-of-the-art platform based on real science.

What is GreenFrame ?

Overview of GreenFrame metrics

GreenFrame is an open-source solution that allows developers to decarbonize their websites by detecting carbon leaks.

GreenFrame helps companies to:

  • Reduce their carbon footprint and reach sustainability goals.
  • Meet the growing demand for transparency on ESG performance.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through faster pages.
  • Save money and gain in ROI by using resources more efficiently.
  • Reach more prospects by improving brand image.

GreenFrame is the missing tool for your sustainable IT strategy.

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What Are the Different Use Cases of GreenFrame?

GreenFrame is a multifaceted tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

Audit illustration


Analyse and find out how much Co2 your web application emits. You can then communicate the measured results effectively and share your environmental awareness.

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Carbon Impact Reduction

Perform several analyses and compare them with your live version. This will allow you to derive best practices, improve your code, and reduce your digital footprint continuously.

Code Quality Assurance illustration

Carbon Insurance

Ensure a high environmental quality of your code by defining a CO2 limit. GreenFrame will automatically alert the developers if this threshold is exceeded for each user scenario.

Continuous monitoring of the carbon footprint

GreenFrame integrates into your CI pipeline to help you understand the impact of your changes and improve your development practices.

Simulate real user interactions

GreenFrame lets you write custom scenarios reflecting what people actually do on your website or application. Not just for idle pages!

Declarative Language

Scenarios are written in a simple language so that even non-tech people can contribute.

Visual feedback

Test your scenarios visually before running an analysis.


GreenFrame relies on Playwright, the fast browser automation tool, which has a negligible footprint.
Code example of a GreenFrame scenario

Monitor the entire architecture

GreenFrame collects system metrics on the browser, the network, the server, and the database to give you a full picture.

Container isolation

GreenFrame uses Docker to isolate the components of your stack and collect usage metrics exempt from noise.


Detect which component in your web stack emits the most CO2 for a given scenario, so you know where to start optimizing.

Controlled environment

The GreenFrame CLI lets you run analyses in your dev or CI environment. No customer data is ever sent to GreenFrame.
Illustration of architecture

Our model computes the footprint

The GreenFrame Model turns system metrics into energy consumption (in Watt.hours) and Carbon emissions (in g eq. CO2).

Accurate estimates

GreenFrame takes into account CPU, Network I/O, memory, disk usage, datacenter PUE, screens, and makes a difference between intranet and internet consumption.

Based on scientific publications

We partnered with French research teams and CNRS to build a solid model applicable to real-world usage. This model is free and open-source.


GreenFrame is developed by developers with years of experience and is aimed specifically at other developers.

Detect hot spots in your code

For each analysis, GreenFrame provides a detailed report designed to guide developers in their carbon reduction journey.

Configurable threshold

Define the maximum emission budget for a scenario, and the CI build will fail for new features that emit too much CO2.

Component breakdown

Knowing which part of your architecture emits the most allows you to prioritize your efforts and decrease CO2 emissions quickly.

Time travel

To help you detect the piece of code that caused a spike, analysis reports show the timeline of emissions for a scenario.

What's at stake?

The growing use of digital technologies contributes to climate change.

Share of digital in global carbon emissions
Yearly increase of the digital carbon footprint
Comes from usage, driven by developers

Developers must change their practices to build sustainable applications. Green IT requires accurate measurements of CO2 emissions.

Our Customer Reviews

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What we appreciated with GreenFrame is the ability to simulate real user scenarios and to make estimates based on scientific literature.

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Sacha Morard
Sacha Morard
CTO / CIO / Comex member Le Monde
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GreenFrame is a promising tool which we are excited to use now and in the future.

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Kemal Görülü
Kemal Görülü
CTO, Arte
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We have been more than happy with GreenFrame and we can envision to extend its use to other products developed by the Digital Direction of France Televisions, as part of an overall policy to limit the group's energy footprint.

Pierre Pene
Pierre Pene
Head of the Architecture Unit, France TV


From researchers to large companies, we have plans for everyone



For hackers and makers

  • Command-line interface

  • Custom scenarios

  • Full-stack analysis

  • Run analyses in your CI

  • Carbon budget

  • Simple scoring

  • Manual install


12€per user / per month

Best value for organizations

  • All the open-source features

  • Web UI

  • Online report

  • Carbon emissions timeline

  • In-depth reporting

  • Comparative analysis

  • User management

  • Embeddable score widget

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Professional services

For yearly payment, custom development, training and other specific requests.

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